As a fashion designer and founder of fashion-tech company, ThunderLily, I have the opportunity to consult with designers and entrepreneurs in the fashion industry to seek out and provide technology solutions for their creativity.

As a mother wanting to raise an empowered, creative and thoughtful daughter, I have sought ideas and projects that will allow a young person to approach challenges with a can-do attitude, an open mind and a sense of curiosity.

Through the many hours spent solving design problems, I saw how fashion design opens up a whole new perspective on math, science and engineering that can easily engage young creatives in critical thinking and problem solving. Learning to design, to make mistakes, to engineer, to construct and – at the end of the day – to take home a piece of wearable technology, builds self esteem and provides a safe place for the innovative designers of tomorrow to pursue their dreams.

FashionTech.Design was created for a new generation of designers.

A brief history...

Founded in 2009, ThunderLily NYC is a fashion tech startup with a mission to disrupt the garment production process. Built upon a proprietary fashion design software for emerging designers to design, drape, test and sell their designs all in the virtual space

In 2012 ThunderLily licenses Sensitive Couture [software] from Columbia University Tech Ventures and is named a portfolio start-up

In 2013 ThunderLily launches new designers by providing a design service that enables them go from sketch to launch in 24 hours at zero cost

2017 Launch of Fashion Tech Design after school program 

2018 Started Summer Camp in NY and MA in conjunction with 92Y, Spring Lake Day Camp, Technocopia

2018 Launched school consulting program, providing intensive “mini-mesters” for an immersive experience in designing and creating wearables.

Photography courtesy of Susannah Hacker Photography